Overview of Galata Tower & Bosphorus Cruise Combo

If you're looking for a perfect blend of culture, history, and adventure in Istanbul, then the Galata Tower and Bosphorus Cruise combo should be at the top of your list. This fascinating tour offers you the opportunity to experience Istanbul from two unique perspectives and discover the city's rich heritage.

The Galata Tower is a historical landmark that stands tall above the Istanbul skyline. This iconic structure has a fascinating history dating back to the 14th century and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city.

Bosphorus cruise is a great way to discover Istanbul's unique location on two continents while enjoying the scenic views of the city's skyline. The Bosphorus Strait is one of the world's busiest waterways, connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and dividing Istanbul into two continents. 

The Galata Tower & Bosphorus Cruise Combo Ticket offers a unique opportunity to experience Istanbul's rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning beauty all in one tour.

Highlights of Galata Tower & Bosphorus Cruise Combo

Galata Tower
Galata Tower
  • Stunning Panoramic Views: The top of Galata Tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of Istanbul, including the Bosphorus Strait, Golden Horn, and the historic district. Capture beautiful photos of the city's landmarks and historical sites.
  • Medieval Architecture: The tower was built in 1348 by the Genoese and is a prime example of medieval architecture. Learn about the tower's history and its role in Istanbul's defenses.
  • Cultural Exploration: A visit to the Galata Tower is an excellent way to explore Istanbul's rich history and culture. Discover new perspectives and learn about the city's significance through the ages.

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Bosphorus Cruise
Bosphorus Cruise

Majestic Sights: A Bosphorus cruise takes visitors along the Bosphorus Strait, separating Europe and Asia, and connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Witness majestic sights like the Dolmabahçe Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Beylerbeyi Palace, Ortaköy Mosque, and Rumeli Fortress.

Audio Guide: An audio guide in 10 languages enhances the experience, providing in-depth stories and anecdotes about the sights along the way.

Tea Time: Sip on a cup of tea and soak in the beautiful views of the Bosphorus Strait during the cruise. Enjoy a relaxing and educational experience, learning about the historical significance of the places you see.

Know Before You Go Galata Tower and Bosphorus Cruise

Essential Information
Inclusions and Exclusions
Bosphorus Cruise Essential Information

Galata Tower

  • Staircase: The tower has over 200 steps leading to the top, making it unsuitable for those with mobility issues or difficulty climbing stairs.
  • Observation Deck: The tower's observation deck is open-air, which means that it can get windy and chilly at the top. Dress accordingly for your comfort.
  • Views: Despite the challenges, the views from the top of the tower are worth it. Take in panoramic glimpses of Istanbul, including stunning views of both the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.

Bosphorus Cruise

  • Audio Guide: The audio guide is available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Polish, and Russian. Choose the language that suits you best for a more immersive experience.
  • Phone Charge: Make sure your smartphone is charged and ready to go, so you can fully enjoy the audio guide during the cruise.
  • Headphones: Bring along your headphones for convenience, as they are not included in the package. This will allow you to fully focus on the audio guide and enjoy the stunning views along the way.

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Galata Tower: Fast Track + Audio Guide
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  • The Galata Tower stands as a symbol of Istanbul's rich heritage and the blending of different cultures and civilizations that have shaped the city over centuries

  • Marvel at the panoramic views of Istanbul's skyline from the top of Galata Tower

  • Enjoy delicious refreshments from the in-house cafe and restaurant at your own cost with the awe-inspiring vistas of the city

  • Book the Galata Tower tickets and capture picture-perfect memories as you see a mesmerizing sunset

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • The tour involves a significant amount of walking. You are advised to wear comfortable and light clothing that is suitable for walking in the sun.
  • Please display the voucher with a valid photo ID at the meeting point.
  • Fixed day ticket implies that this ticket can only be redeemed on the date that you've booked the ticket, it won't be carried forward to next or any other day.
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How long is the Galata Tower visit included in this combo ticket?

    The combo ticket provides fast track entry to the Galata Tower, and you can spend as much time as you want at the tower. However, it's important to note that the tower has a staircase of over 200 steps that leads to the top, so it may take some time to climb up and down.

Is the Galata Tower suitable for people with mobility issues?

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Is it necessary to bring headphones for the audio guide on the Bosphorus Cruise?

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